Instead of Fashion Week...


NYFW is always a big event that gets the entire city buzzing. From photographers hoping to get into the shows to shoot their 1st or 10th fashion week to new and seasoned designers showcasing their collections that took a lot of labor & love to bring to life. It’s a big event.


I’ve gone to Fashion Week the last two years and for a fresh face like me, it was like a dream come true. I imaged myself as the Carrie Bradshaw of Lithuania shooting at shows with all the fashion photographers all dressed in black (I wore a white suit… clearly missed the memo), getting to go backstage with Teyana Taylor, Whoopi Goldberg, Paris Hilton, etc. for a girl always on the sidelines, streaming shows from her bed in Alabama, this surely was a moment - at least this was my mindset 2 years ago, before I saw through the glitz & the glam.

img_2393 (1).jpeg

This year I took the backseat. New York Fashion Week has honestly lost a lot of it’s originality. It has become a lot less about the designs  and much more about WHO is coming to your shows, how many followers they have, and the after-parties. Social media has changed the game. I believe that Fashion Week hosted in other countries like Stockholm, Milan etc. has a lot more focus on the art and craft involved in the design process.


Although some shows completely killed it this year like Chromat which celebrated inclusivity of all body shapes & sizes in their show as well as our unsustainable future. The poof silhouettes of Tomo Koizumi were also a sight to behold as well as many other niche brands showcasing their collections like the this awesome power suit brand, SUISTUDIO.


This year instead of going to NYFW I went to my friend Erica’s rooftop.  We met 5 years ago when I was still in college and Erica ran her vintage shop, Electric Revival out of Atlanta.



Lots have changed since we have last seen each other. Erica finally moved to the city to pursue a career in writing. Check out some of her dope work for Playboy, Nylon Magazine, Huffpost +! These are some of the pics we snapped of each other & Maddox (our assistant).