MN X Novel Swim



Politics has increasingly started to play a larger role in our consumer culture. From various brands showing their opposition to Trump’s Muslim Ban to retail stores like Nordstrom dropping Ivanka Trump’s label. A strong push has been evident to shop small and buy from emerging designer owned businesses as opposed to big male run corporations which can be easily influenced by politics. Everyday we are learning about many of these business who are owned or have investors with direct links to politics which then have a huge influence on the actions of that business.


There is a saying: “cut the head of the snake and the body will die” which translates directly into money and how we, as consumers, spend it. To “cut the head” we need to direct our money to support smaller gals and guys who aren’t tied into all the corporate big money and greed. The way you spend your money does more that protesting and waiting for someone to listen because that evidently only goes so far, cutting off the $ supply speaks directly to those big conglomerates in their language of green imaginary paper that they can understand. When you shop small you also support a designer’s creative vision directly and get a taste of their world and hard labor in a form of a product, which is much more rewarding for both parties.


For this editorial MN partnered up with Novel Swim in support of the shop small movement and the liberation of all women in the guise of bikinis. The founder of the brand, Laura (here is the interview with her) started the brand on the principles of comfort, inclusivity, and active lifestyle. Laura’s goal has always been to create bikinis that are sexy and flattering but also don’t luck out of the comfort factor *trés important for your lady parts*.


However, often times we end up having to walk the balance beam between, we feel hot and sexy in this but our body is SOS-ing or we a derpin in grandma pantaloons but comfortable as hell, it really has been one or the other. Laura also let her personal lifestyle as a surfer influence her design process, she made sure that you will not come across the issue of losing your bikini mid wave.  I’ve personally come across that problem before with flaming cheeks and scrambling hands to 1.) find the bottom 2.) pull it up with lightening speed in hopes that no one noticed.

Start showing love to the smaller brands around you, how ’bout that??

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EditorialBerta Amelinaite