Checkmate, Social Media



It’s no secret, we all know it. Let’s go back to the time before internet, where people had to actually interact with one another and you know talk n stuff. We don’t do that anymore. Phones are the main guests at our dinner tables, our most trusted selfie companions, and a way to keep tabs on our social media friends. Once a girl almost got run over trying to take a selfie while crossing the road, but I can’t judge because my eyeballs were glued to my phone screen too…

While we are on social media like SC we try hard to snap those moments that are deemed worthy of our social media feeds because we know that it will make others jealous of what we are doing. Why else would we broadcast our life? Interesting thing is that in reality we might not be doing that much, or even if we are, we are not really in those moments ourselves. What happened to us? I ask that myself quite often, and I am guilty as much as everyone else. I have an Instagram account that I’m pretty active on and a Snapchat that I don’t check that often, but I feel as if Harry Potter himself put a compulsion spell on me and vowed me to check my social media constantly. There is always the lingering question of: If you don’t put it on social media like did it even happen? This type of mindset and the constant need for content and bragging rights has led us down the path of not only incredible self-awareness but also vulnerability and low self-esteem.

We measure ourselves by the social media currency known as likes and retweets, not by what we truly think about ourselves. It’s a cruel game we are playing with no one else but us. The truth is, not one of those platforms measures shit. We check our friends’ snap stories and sometimes feel bad because our life doesn’t seem to measure up to theirs or those we follow on social media. In a way social media has infected us all as the small pox has once infected over 1/3 of the word, however via refresh button.

Although social media is a constant and of course we will continue to use it, I just want to encourage you to at the very least filter the content you see. Do some critical thinking, because I promise you no one’s life is as perfect as it seems on the gram, not even mine (although I try really hard to keep my content honest). Also just think about how much time you spend creeping on various people’s profiles that in the end have no impact on your life. More than any self-respecting person wants to admit, right? Plus just think of time in term of $$$. If that was the case, all of us would be declaring bankruptcy!!! Just let this sink in, all the time we waste aimlessly scrolling through our feeds is the time we can never get back. Another tip that has helped me was to reduce the number of platforms I was on and to not snap every moment of my life because who cares about my life, even I’m not that narcissistic.

On a more hypocritical note, to not completely bash on social media, it also has some good points. Those various platforms can really create a collective consciousness and bring people together in a very personal way. Many empowering campaigns have started via social media so it is definitely not all hate but there will be trolls no matter where you go, so it’s always good to not take it too personally and know your worth not just according to social media.