That 70's Post

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I know some of you might be disappointed but I confess my taste in movies and music is not exactly critic worthy, but I am open to suggestions to up my knowledge! The question still remains, was 70s as great as all the decade inspired Instagram accounts say it is? I went all Marty McFly on the Internet to find out. My verdict: 70s era didn’t really see huge advancement in tech field, apart from the microprocessor, nor were there mountainous cultural revolutions (that was the 60s) and let’s not forget economic turmoil and stagflation. So would you want to really go back to 70s? I sure as hell would not.

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BUT having your own personal DeLorean would come in handy for shopping purposes. 70s fashion and movement towards individualism and self-expression is something we could all get behind. Infinite collections of flares, flower dresses and overalls…I’m in. Who is with me to go search for a time machine? No one? Am I taking this too far...?

Here are some 70s inspired digs that I was able to find…

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