Behind MN


Hi guys!

The idea for Modern Nothings was born 2 years ago. This was all before I moved to New York to pursue my dreams and was still in school at the University of Alabama (yeah, I know…can’t say I fit in either). I created this platform as my creative outlet and an escape into the world that I paved for myself. After I graduated, I ended up following through and moved to the city, at that time I had sooo much going on and blogging definitely took the backseat.

This is a relaunch of MN with a few updates and a new direction I decided to take creatively. For the longest time I tried to fit in the stereotypical "blogger" mold of high end fashion and boujee posts of the life that I wasn't actually living. I realized that what I have to offer and what I know is affordable fashion, styling vintage finds to look authentic, and writing with no filter on whatsoever. Also, I will still continue with interviews, because my goal has always been for this platform to grow and blossom into a community of awesome people coming together a creating a collective consciousness of thoughts and honest conversations. After all... it's a lot more than just me me me me. If you would like to collab on a post, please don't hesitate to reach out to ya gurl --