This is the journey of how & why For the Sake of Content got started. Backstory, is that this is a re-brand of a blog I’ve started 2 years ago, Modern Nothings. I created this platform as my creative outlet and an escape into the world that I paved for myself and for others whose interests aligned with mine. At the time I was living in a small-ish town in Alabama, not exactly fitting in great there and always sticking out with how I dressed and what I was interested in. It definitely made me feel inferior - something that I came to terms with but also made me realize that I had an opportunity to build something inspiring because I was able to see beauty in things that were overlooked.

As I continued to write, my perception evolved and instead of trying to fit the stereotypical “influencer” mold, I wanted to build something different, a platform anchored in honesty covering subjects not limited to fashion. My idea of a community encompassed covering and interviewing amazing female founders, featuring small business located in our neighborhoods, restaurants, wine, and of course fashion. I’ve always wanted to connect with people on a deeper and more meaningful level.

— Challenging the norm one rant at a time—